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Live Chat Benefits and Solutions for Business Growth & Success

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What do we do when we want our business to be successful in the year 2020? We live chat with our customers. Read about the best chat solutions for modern business

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A live chat widget on your website is a tool that provides customers with a convenient, fast, and effective means of communication. It also offers significant benefits that can help improve your business growth and sales. Using a live chat solution can significantly increase your business growth rate.

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Customers are the lifeblood of your business growth. They say that the happy customer is the returning customer (who may also recommend your business to others). For you, happy customers mean conversion and retention. 

To keep them happy, your customer service should be impeccable, swift, and accessible. Throw in 24/7 availability, too.

Why Is Live Chat Preferred over Other Communication?

Live chat is both direct and unimposing. Customers can be easily engaged, but they don’t need to respond if they don’t feel like it. Live chat messages are natural, and they don’t demand much attention. 

A tiny chat widget in the corner of your website can do wonders for your customer’s engagement level and your conversion rate, without deteriorating your customer’s browsing experience.

Why Messaging Is Important for Business Growth Stages

It wasn’t until quite recently that messaging took over social media browsing. This tendency has also altered the reality of today’s e-commerce and marketing strategies. If the last decade was the golden age of social media marketing, the upcoming decade most probably is going to be the one of live chat messaging.

The manner in which customers approach shopping online has changed drastically. This means that while in the recent past reaching your customers was the single most important element of your strategy, now you should focus more on the quality of customer service instead of marketing for business growth.

What Are the Benefits of Live Chat? In Business Growth

Increase Conversion with Live Chat Sales Techniques

There is one common misconception about live chat solutions. Some online store owners think that an operator can persuade visitors to buy something right away. It is true – live chat increases sales, but it does not achieve it directly. You can’t be too pushy, because you’ll scare off your potential buyers.

Let’s imagine a situation in which someone enters a real-life, brick-and-mortar, physical retail shoe store. A salesman tells them to buy a popular pair of shoes at the very moment they pass the doorstep. It doesn’t work that way.

It is better to offer assistance, ask some questions, and take a personal approach. Similarly, live chat is not meant to be used by pushy salesmen, but by customer support agents who understand the needs of their clients. It is not about selling, but about turning the process of buying into a pleasant, rewarding, and friction less experience. This is known as proactive customer service.    

Below are the five  business growth stages every company goes through:

  • Development stage. If you decide your business idea is worth developing, the next step is to put together a business plan
  • Start-up stage.
  • Business Growth stage
  • Expansion stage.
  • Maturity stage.

Live Chat Reduces Cost and Time

The cost per interaction with live chat is lower than other methods, such as phone or email assistance. Faster response times and the ability to multi-task – to take care of many chat conversations at one – result in less average time spent on each customer interaction. It also improves customers’ experience by having real-time responses to customers’ questions and concerns.

A live chat box is where you exchange messages with your customers. However, it can be used by both human agents and bots. You can optimize your customer service workflow if you use auto-messaging features and chatbots.

With chatbots, you can automate some of the most repetitive aspects, such as greeting your customers, and – at the right moment – take the conversation over. 

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Live Chat Increases Website Credibility

If your brand is not famous and customers don’t recognize it yet, you should make sure that your website looks professional and credible. There are many fake online stores and scam companies, so it is becoming more and more difficult to gain customers’ trust. Adding a live chat widget can instantly add you some credibility.

When someone visits your website but can’t find your online rating, other customers’ opinions, or any online record of your activity apart from the website itself, a live chat can be your only hope. When customers know that there is a person on the other side and that person can help them with their concerns, all doubts can be dispelled.

Today, not being able to get in touch with an online business and get a response within 1 minute raises suspicion. By providing live chat customer service, you assure you visitors that everything is legitimate, in order, and fully operational.

Live Chat Increases Customer Experience

A cursory glance at the modern internet landscape – with websites such as YouTube, apps like SnapChat, or video chat rooms – could give us the impression that we live in the era of Homo Sapiens Videochatus. However, this applies only to private communication and entertainment.

When people need to contact the official representatives of a brand – even if they simply want to order a pizza – they usually don’t want to reveal their face or voice. For them, clicking at a live chat icon and texting is the best solution. 

Some people prefer to use a live chat box because they are already online. When they need assistance, it’s easier to participate in a live chat conversation than to dial a number or write an email. Many companies have a live chat window open as soon as the person logs into the website or begins to browse the products or offer. It is a part of their business growth strategy. They want to make the process as easy as possible.

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